ICGC-TCGA DREAM Mutation Calling Challenge synthetic genomes

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This dataset comprises the three public synthetic tumor/normal pairs created for the ICGC-TCGA DREAM Mutation Calling challenge. See the journal article for full details regarding how the synthetic data for challenge in silico #1 was created:

Adam D Ewing, Kathleen E Houlahan, Yin Hu, Kyle Ellrott, Cristian Caloian,
Takafumi N Yamaguchi, J Christopher Bare, Christine P’ng, Daryl Waggott,
Veronica Y Sabelnykova, ICGC-TCGA DREAM Somatic Mutation Calling Challenge participants,
Michael R Kellen, Thea C Norman, David Haussler, Stephen H Friend, Gustavo Stolovitzky,
Adam A Margolin, Joshua M Stuart & Paul C Boutros
Published: May 18, 2015
DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.3407

Google Cloud Platform data locations


  • The authoritative data location is NCBI Sequence Read Archive: SRP042948.
  • The BAMs were uploaded to Google Cloud Storage and the reads were then imported to Google Genomics.

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