GABrowse URL format

The genome browser code supports direct linking to specific backends, readsets, and genomic positions.

These parameters are set using the hash. The format is very simple with only 3 supported key value pairs separated by & and then =:

  • backend

    The backend to use for API calls. example: GOOGLE or NCBI

  • readsetId

    The ID of the readset that should be loaded. See Important constants and links for more information.

  • location

    The genomic position to display at. Takes the form of <chromosome>:<base pair position>. example: 14:25419886 This can also be an RS ID or a string that will be searched on snpedia.

As you navigate in the browser (either locally or at, the hash will automatically populate to include these parameters. But you can also manually create a direct link without having to go through the UI.

Putting all the pieces together, here is what a valid url looks like:

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